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If you need to hire a wildlife control specialist, then you should definitely consider giving Animal Pro in Hebron, KY a call! We have years of experience in this line of work and very careful with the animals we trap and relocate. Below we will explain a little bit more about our work, so you know what exactly to expect when you call us for one of our services.

Wildlife Control – Wildlife creatures are clever, and they always find their ways in our properties whether they are looking for shelter or food. No matter how big or small the animals, we have the training and required qualifications to safely trap or catch and relocate the creature to its natural habitat.

wildlife removal service

Wildlife removal service

Animal Removal – When we say removal, we do not talk about extermination as other pest control specialists refer to this term. We use humane techniques to make sure the little intruders stay at bay for a long time. We will not only take care of the animals who break into your properties but fix any damage they cause and seal any entry points.

Rodent Control – Rodent populations grow extremely quickly and steadily, and if you notice signs of critters around your place, you should act immediately so you prevent an infestation. We help with the trapping and the removal of rats, mice, squirrels, and other animals.

Bat Removal – Do you hear loud noises in your attic? Do you see bats flying in your backyard? If yes, it is safe to say you have a bat problem. We are specialists when it comes to bat control and can solve your problem in a timely manner and at a very fair price.

Raccoon Removal – These mischievous little fellas are always on a lookout for a comfortable place to lodge with easy access to food. They do not mind if the place they fancy already has occupants. If they feel invited, they will move in. If your home has become a house for a family of raccoons, let us help you evict them.

Contact Animal Pro in Hebron, KY if you wish to learn more about something particular. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Our phone is (859) 866-2144.

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